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I popped into town today and could not belive it whe i went into my local card factory and they had out the 2013 calenders and diaries lol and yes me being miss organised bought a really lovely sparkly pink diary and sat in the garden and filled it all in lol so i have just got togo and get the calender now the are lovelty calenders and only 59p or 2 for 99p i get mine from there every year ,

i bet the christmas paper will be in on monday after all it is July now and we really all should be thinking about christmas etc lol

oh well now going to have a drink (blackcurrant) before you all think i am having wine lol i am tee total got to be on the medication i am on

enjoy your evening love diddle xxxx

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oh god diddle dont say those awful words ,start thinking of xmas ! aaaaggggghhhhh lol i cant bare to think of that yet ,we havnt had summer yet lol


Diddle, im the same. I haven't seen calenders or diaries out. But ive got my xmas paper. I got it all in jan, plus my family xmas cards lol. XXX


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