the future

With they way people are being treated now does it not make you wonder what the future holds for us comes the cut off welfare when you not got a job in the selected time ie homeless what happens to the homeless living under tarpaulings or in the hedge row not everyone has family to fall back on, that's what's happened in America...ive been threatend no end by the job seekers advisor i had who kept threatening to cut off my money ie three times in four months so i went back on the sick.... now got another Atos medical today as they canncelled my last two so back on job seekers for me back to the same advisor unless i can get someone else i hope i'm lucky and get some job i can do fed up with being full of fear theirs only me to support me no other wage for back up makes me wonder will the hedge row turn out to be so bad after all

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  • u can come and live with me I always take in strays petal

  • Ah bless u, does make you wonder about the future though, fit and living rough or sofa's here and there, doing it with fibro is something else and of course no job or benefits doubt will be entitled for free medicines either, i have often said i would not wish to be reborn on this earth ever again all the time people are like this the divide is just too big

  • well my mortgage is paid for, but I might have to eat grass, god knows what the future holds, they could put us all up against a wall and shoot us, how much are bullets

  • my offer still stands seriously can alway put a bed in lounge in zimabwe we nevereverlet anyone we know go without. i still have that in born training even tho i live in uk now petal

  • ah ur are alovely lady compassionate people is so what this world needs bless u xx

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