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What can ido no b....y sleeeeePPpppp I'm so fed up and tired just can't drop off eyes keep closing but then legs jump aawake again. Visited doctor and need see new specialist about hormones now 2 its taken 3 years a new house and new doctor to get any help sick of looking like I been in shower so fingers crossed I get my letter soon.

Love lots little hugs

Karen x

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I know how you feel Kaz17, am up yet again too. I'm glad that your new doc is listening to you and wish you lots of luck. I have found getting up and doing something sometimes helps, it is so hard to be in pain all the time and not able to sleep, you are not alone, not much comfort I know. Take care wishing you more sleep and good luck, caz


Thanx caz xx


hi kaz17,

know the feeling, i've got restless legs...feels like someone is winding a spring up then...whoosh....they let it go and legs jump. feel like a damn clockwork toy.

My doc gave me Robaxin aka methocarbamol, muscle relaxants, to take at bedtime, has certainly worked wonders for me.

Might be worth a mention to your doc.

hope you get some decent sleep, sick of waking up every hour or so here.

Take care Jan xx


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