mind over matter

Ive been reading alot that if we have a positive mind we can get better, certain doctors think if we think positively , exercise and get on with our lifes and dont give in everything will be fine. Well Im positive, Ive always had a positive mind. I dont want to be ill. Ive just gone to the bank 2mins away well it used to be 2 mins away, now its 1/2hr my legs are in agony, Im covered in sweat, im exhausted, so, so much for a positive mind, so the conclusion is, some doctors talk *********

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  • Hi Lally, Ive been told this also by my physio when she said the NHS could not provide me with any more accupuncture, Trying to think positive when you are in pain is almost impossible. I knew I would get worse within a month of not having it any more as it had helped me so much to walk better for longer. That's all out the window now though, positive poop lol. xx.

  • I try so hard to be positive but how can you when as you say Lally a 5 min walk is a half hour one now, the pain cripples us and we feel like crap.

    I so wish these people just for one day could experience what we have to endure everry single day.

    Rest up hun. xx

  • I think that's absolute cr*p to be honest . Sometimes thinking positive is denying how you really feel . Sometimes you have to give in and let those feelings out before you can try to feel better.

    If I was fit and healthy and not reliant on benefits I may find I'm able to think positive , at the moment there isn't much to be positive about !

    In fact , I always was a positive thinking person and it's done me no good at all, now I expect the worst and I'm rarely disappointed ! I keep being told that's the wrong attitude ( normally by those who have no idea how it feels to be ill ) , my answer is to walk a day in my shoes ( or lie on my bed lol ) THEN tell me to be positive .



  • Oh and that doesn't make me a pessimist , it makes me a realist !

  • yep thats what I say helen

  • I think we all can be guilty of sticking our " I'm ok " mask on , and hiding what's really going on with us . Through all my life i've had a I get knocked down I get up again attitude , but f/m floors me time and time again , not because I'm negative but because at times it just does

  • I make myself walk every day because if I dont, what will the consequences be, will I be crippled and never walk again. Why cant I walk I dont know and neither do the doctors. I used to walk about 50 miles a week, always on the go, and like Helen never on benefits. My gp said Im the complete oppisite of what she thought fibro was. I told her I wear a mask, I hate the bloody walking stick, and have thrown it in a tantrum many times, why has my brain gone into a downward spiral, that my memories gone, can the doctors answer that, all I get is its part of the illness. What an illness thats barely recognised as serious by some. So what Id like to do is get certain doctors, tie their legs together, put a couple of stone of weights on them, tie their arms as well, get them plastered drunk, and ask them to live a decent life now,

  • hey guys there is nothing wrong with thinking positive we all have our bad days i know, i do,and its bloody hard the pain is always going to be there we all know that but we dont have to let it stop us we are human too we have to keep fighting it and trying to stay positive its not going to make us better but it makes us feel better in ourselves yeaha we can give in i know i do it but we have to stay happy and positive with it and have a little hope that they will find a cure for us one day some of you wont agree with me and thats fine i dont agree that being positive will make us better i just think it makes you feel better in yourself to have some positivity sorry if i have upset anyone by saying this or made anyone angry xxxx

  • lally the fact is the people who write this c**p have probably not had as much as a sore throat in their lives!!!! (or been made to look like a villan and stressed out as we have to go cap in hand to beg a pittance from the d.w.p) they need to get real!!

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