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Why Can't I Just Say NO?!!

Why oh why, can I not say no whenever a relative asks me to play taxi service?

My aunt waits until two days before she is due into the hospital before phoning and asking me to take her. And quite possibly pick her up again. Of course it doesn't help that she goes into the whole 'she can't get there another way because she's tried everything before phoning me' explanation before I have the chance to answer the initial question.

I can't figure out if I'm gullible or just plain lazy. I seriously can't handle the animosity if I refuse outright and don't change my mind. After all I don't work, have a car, and don't do anything all day so how dare I refuse to play chauffeur when they are in need.

The only thing I will say is, well two things actually, one I better get reimbursed this time for petrol after all - two there is always taxis - and as I see it they are saving quite a bit on taxi fares both to and from the hospital when I get conned into driving so I don't think it's unfair for me to expect to have some of the petrol cost reimbursed. this time the hospital isn't our local hospital but one town over almost. Just outside the next town away.

I have a limited income, just like they do with their state pensions, and petrol is expensive. So I don't think I'm being too unreasonable here.

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no your not ,i take my mum to her appointments ,hospital ,docs etc and she always pays petrol and carpark fee ,so its unresonable at all to ask for some towards petrol xxx


Thanks lynz. My dearly departed god-mother always insisted on giving me petrol money when I 'gave her a lift' any-time saying that you can't run a car on scotch mist. That cars are expensive enough without squandering petrol.

My Dad's sisters tend to see it as a family favour which doesn't need repayment of any form. Saying that the aunt who I'm taking to hospital tends to remember to send over some when she gets her pension and I see anything better than nothing.


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