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I got the early news on and the weather has just been on !!!!! fr the week ahead !!!????

i am sure i have missed summer and we are now heading to the end of september ?????

it meant to be cold/wind and plenty of rain this week """"""????

whats all that about i may as well take all my summer stufff out of the wardrobe as it not worth getting it out the rate we going is it ?

It is quite cold this morning too i jus pulled my bin round and i only got a thin cardy on but think i will change it for a thicker one and maybe a thermal vest wont go amiss !!!!!

i hope that you are in better weather and hope you are all ok may be back on here later ;ove to you Diddle xxxxxxx

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Morning Diddle

So the weather is going to continue being horrrrrrid! We need some sunshine and warmth to the bones not damp damp damp

The weather this year has gone completely mad did we

have summer? Did I miss it? Is it time to buy jumpers and boots? Last year I could not get boots to fit my 6xxxxxx tried every where even to get boots made I just long to have a pair of fashion boots!



Yeah weather freezing here.sat with cardi on.

And in pjs still.even cat dont like it.

Just wanna go back to bed.



hi all weather misserable here raining & cold but it prob dont help when people open windows with out u knowing lol x gentle hugs every 1 x


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