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Is everyone else like me?

Is everyone else like me? I get up early on a thursday because my husband does our weekly shop. I got uo at 8:15 and I'm currently writing this now and it's 10:40 and I'm literally falling asleep. I need matchsticks lol. I know we all suffer from tiredness but this is ridiculous. Please tell me I'm not on my own? Also does anyone else get migrains behind the eyes, that causes blurred vision. I had an optician apt last week and he's referred me to an eye clinic because of my eyes, I just seem to always have a problem. Many thanks

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You are definately not alone. I have chronic fatigue syndrome as well. I am always totally exhausted. I know i have restless nights bt even when i do sleep i am shattered by 11am.

I suffer horrendous migraines bt had a brain scan (i also get paralysis of the face with them), nothing showing abnormal i just have to have a dark room.

You will find with this condition there are over a 100 different symptoms so its not surprising you are getting more.

I mean people dont get all 100, its different for each of us.

bt i hope you find some relief soon.

gentle hugs.


Tuesday night I had just 2hrs sleep despite taking 100mg of Amytriptaline, then was up at 4.30am today. Currently shattered but trying not to take a much needed nap as worried I may end up with another sleepless night! I try to be as 'normal' as possible but this can sometimes be my downfall - walked approx half a mile on Monday to go see a friend and been paying for it ever since.

I don't seem to get migraines which is a really good thing as everything else is busy hurting like hell.

All you can do is be positive and do your best. sometimes your best will be to sit, lay down or even sleep most of the day.

My partner is great, when I'm having a bad day he has to do the daft things for me - open packets, bottles, carry my cup of coffee. Things that I took for granted before this condition got me by the throat and shook me.

These days I do less but still try and shake it back every now and then.

Hope you manage to get some rest and I wish you a full night of peaceful sleep.

I send you gentle Hugs and understanding x


at my worst I can sleep for days,from always being on the go to this is no picnic


Pleased you wrote that, because i have slept for 44 hours before just waking to use the toilet but not totally awake , i told my gp this and just looked at me strange x


yes i can sleep after being up a couple of hours , i was nodding off in doc surgery yesterday x


I am constantly tired,i could be out shopping and i will get this overwhelming tiredness and my eyes will just close,i have to keep rubbing them to stay awake..then when i get home i fall on the sofa or bed and i'm gone.. If i sit to long waiting for an appointment etc,i will fall asleep and my husband or daughter will have to nudge me.. My eyes are also bad, i went to the opticians who sent me straight to the hospital because my eyes where so out of focus i couldn't read anything..I had drops put in my eyes at the hospital and they did more tests on them,they seem to think it's the muscles around and behind my eyes,i'm now waiting to see a specialist to see what they can do for me.. And i agree it's just one thing after another with this damn FM !!


Welcome to the forum babebatista,

If I were you, I wouldn't just right it off to Chronic Fatigue without investigating it first. I think you should get your GP to check your bloods, as both symptoms can be caused by anaemia and/or other deficiencies.

happy hugs, kate)


Yes! I got up yesterday at 8.00am but was so shattered by 10.00am I had to return to bed and slept till 4.00pm!! I also slept right through the night until 8.00am you are definitely not on yr own wishes.


Hi Babebatista,

I have severe Fibromyalgia and chronic M.E. I sleep sleep sleep, I get up and within half an hour I could cheerfully go back to bed, but I make myself take my dogs a short walk and when I get back I am whacked have a coffee, sit down and read or whatever, then after lunch more often than not I go upstairs and can sleep usually 2-3 hours sometimes more, I feel so guilty, but its all part and parcel I am afraid.

Soft Hugs,

ue x x x


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