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Hi All had sleep last night Yaaay!! but feel sooo tired today!

Hi to all, I had sleep last night today I feel like a zombie lol I have just tried to defrost my freezer, n now hurt all over! going back on diazapan tonight as the zoplicone really makes me feel funny ( well funnier than normal whatever that is?) xx does anyone else feel this way on Zoplicone? have a bad metallic taste in mouth I can't get rid of! going to go n lie down soon as forgot to use my tens machine! my memory or what left of it is getting worse lol.

Anyway love to all n lots of gentle hugs xxxx

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i finally had sleep last night but struggling to stay awake now but i get like that no sleep for almost a week to i cant get enough. lol i thinks having a baby was sooo much easier hahaha. offf to go sleep again take care xxx


lol same as me going to try my amitriptiline n diazapan tonight to see if thats any better hopefully wont feel like a zombie tomorrow! hehe x hope you get some sleep - next thing for me to try n tackle is the pain, not too good at the moment I agree having a baby does seem easier lol should be use to it by now but still plod on!! just a bit slower now lol anyway take care sending you lots of zzzzzs n gentle ickle hugs xxxx


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