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ON BED ALL AFTERNOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to help my sister just for an hoyur today got home at 1pm walked the of for 10 mins and went upstairs with my kindle and read for an hour then i just laid there until 4,30 pm and am now feding dog taking hoim up the road !!!!

I cant believe i have done that all afternoonthat is so unlike me it reall is i just could not be bothered or wanted to do anything i just needed to rest my body then i am having a bath and guess what sitting on the sofa with my kindle again lol how lazy is that ?????

oh well i hope that you all ahd a more productive day than me lol ?

And i think i will be doing the same on tuesday too but belonger upstairs as not going to my sisters salon !!!!

love to you all be back in morning love diddle xxxx

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Diddle thats my day every day , but hope you feel better later xx


Hope you feel better soon after a good rest..........

I did a bit of cleaning then a bit of shopping so that was very good for me

Take care xx


Hey Diddle that is my daily ritual almost!! The only difference being I intend to read my kindle, but as soon as I lay down, I am out like a light, so its taking me a while to finish what I started reading!!!

Hugs x x x x


theres nothing wrong with having a do nothing afternoon or day everyone needs to. I think it does our mind and body a nice rest. thats my excuse anyway. soft hugs xx


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