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hey ho and away we go AGAIN


bloody mr rascal (my fibro nickname) is playing up again im urniating a lot well every 2 minutes im sweating buckets my hubby has recomended i see the quack so i have a appointment 2nite at 5.10 all of mr rascal is playing up love and hugs lynnybear

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sounda like an infection, isnt he a little ****** for playing up, he always catches up with us, good luck with gp

ty lally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx many blesings hon xx

Good luck, hope you get sorted out and feel better soon xx

my hubby was right it is a water infection im on 200mg of trimethoprim x 2 aday oh goody ill be in bed for days well theres no change there then lol

Keep snug and warm plenty of rest and fluids.

Lots of hugs, Sue x x x x

ty all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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