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personality traits

whats your personality trait, are you a cup half empty or half full.My family call me a jack russell, I never give in, if someone tells me I cant do something Ill show them I can. Im going to have to adapt my life. My gp was suprised Im so upbeat, with everything I have but what the hell lifes too short, Im not dying. I rarely show my crumpled side, usually have a cry with my social worker but I do hid alot from others

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I used to be cup half full, swinging lately to cut half empty with every battle I have to fight.

Not sure about personality trait , I'm like a domestic cat I guess . Docile when fed and stroked but with claws and teeth if I'm pushed lol .


sounds like me to,


Like everyone else I was always a glass half full person.I`m 58 and have been in pain all my life.But always enjoyed a good laugh and a joke over a moan anyday.

I threw my glass away this year when on top of all the things I had going on I was told I have fibro and sjogrens.

I have a couple of friends who have the audacity to sit and bemoan the most stupid of things,when they have their health,relative wealth,children and grandchildren.All things I don`t have.

Then I have a go,a lot can be said with humour to take the sting out of the tail,but now and then a bloody good verbal slap is called for LOL.

I suppose I do still have my glass as I am sitting here thinking how nice paint smells(my neighbour is decorating for me)and my Yorkie is making me laugh as she want`s attention and is threatening to sit on the keyboard.

The simplist of things make me happy. :-)

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxxxx


hi i agree with you lally you have to make the best of things lifes to short to be moaning and groaning. yes i get down and have a rant at hubby(poor man)hes so laid back and good and suprotive and i sometimes have a good cry which i usualy feel better after. I'm better since accepting i have FM/CFS and all it brings withit and that i cant do what i used to but its very frustrating at times. mind with fibro fog we can have a good laugh at some of the things i do. soft hugs xx


Ive always been a "go-getter" the sort of person everyone comes to with their problems (and I would usually sort them :-) ) I raised my daughter alone and have looked after over 40-50 foster children as a single carer, I have always loved a good night out with friends and enjoyed life (although its not always been easy) BUT now I am finding it increasingly difficult to "put on a brave face" to be there for others, I make excuses not to go out, I dont like to moan but find myself slipping into a good old moan (I feel nobody listens when I do have a moan anyway :-( ) after years as seeing my glass half full, I'm afraid my glass is rapidly becoming EMPTY! xx


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