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Today I will count my blessings and send them all to you

Well have just been on a browse throught some of the troubled blogs and questions of others using the site today and yesterday.

And have decided to count my blessings.

I have so much more emotional and family support than some here and admit

I have a good prognosis in life .

Yes I have pain but this is something I can live with, when I read of the struggles some face everyday I count my blessings as I have more good days than bad.

I can leave my house and volunter to help others so have an active life compared to others, so I count my blessings.

I can plan ahead for social activities knowing that although I may feel pain or tired I can do it, for this I count my blessings.

It is often too easy to forget how others struggle to try to maintain a basic everyday life, so again I count my blessings.

So today I`ll put my blessings in a letter, and post it here for you.

And hope my blessings help to see the whole day through.

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thank yu your message has lifted me up knowing that somewhere there are blessing in my life i just have to look harder petal


your welcome it really does put life into prospective reading some of the awfull things people on here suffer with.

I myself am like the domino effect, one goes down and the rest follow.

But when they all fall and I end up with yet another illness or diagnosis I just put them all back up and try not to think of the next one to fall, up to now the dominoes have gone down 12 times in 6 years.

But I still just put them back up and think one day I will kick you down myself and beat you to it!

But for some on this forum they never get the chance to put a complete set up before they start to fall, so yes I need to keep counting my blessings and sharing whatever I have spare.



Yes i knnow what you meanb i too have such a wonderful family who help me so much when i read on here how some people dont have that it must be sio difficult to get on with things so i like you will count my blessings today !!!

i do always try to say though there is always someone worse off than me it dies nort always help but itis so very true love tio you diddle xxxx


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