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Why am i suffering so badly????

This might sound naive how come my fibro is getting worse its five yrs now n its on a downhill spiral i have to use a mobility scooter to get about thats when i feel upto going.....not only that i feel as if people judge you when others with fibro can get on with daily life and i cant walk to the front door im not having a dig at others im just wondering why the hell this is happening to me :(((

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I wish to god I knew because its happening to me as well, Im fed up, my life is just pain pain and more pain, my mobility is shot, my life is nothing like it used to be


Hi i've been woundering the same thing as i've got worse over the last six mths. i can still walk but not very far and if we are out shopping i have to keep stopping to sit down and rest and get tired alot quicker.i wounder if its worth going any where now put forse myself sometimes for hubbys sake. Lets hope the sun will come out soon it makes you feel better. soft hugs xx


Hi there,

my name is heather and ive had Fibro for about 8 years. i know when it kicked in and it was due high levels of stress. Since that moment my body has become more and more painful.

i look back on the things i used to be able to do. such things as hanging wall paper, painting a wall. the thought of these type of jobs now fills me with dread. Just hanging out the washing is agony. My right ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow and the worse pain of all my right shoulder and neck cause me a lot of pain. the left side hurts but is more manageable. it not just jobs that hurt, but fun things too. i use to love ten pin bowling , but thats simply out of the qustion now, feels like my shoulders being pulled out of the socket. going out dancing kills my ankles which feel like they have no cushioning between the bones. even when i swim i still in pain and lord if i make the wrong movement with my right shoulder i just want to cry.

so life has taken a downwards turn. However i have found and few things that have helped. No matter how much you hurt ( even taking a step) the less you do the worse it gets. I have found the more i give up doing (because it hurts) the more painful it is to do anything. The warmer i am the easier it is on my joints. so get out in the sun and try to stay warm. And have sex, which isnt as easy as it use to be, however during it your body releases endorphins, the last thing you think about is your painful joints. so try to keep going keep warm and tell your self you might be in pain but your not damaging your bones or body etc and keep asking your doctor for help. But most of all keep taking the pain killers and keep moving. i wish you all the best. heather


It's quite common that people with Fibro who are not receiving effective treatment go downhill over time - typically people find it harder and harder to recover completely from each flare, so each flare becomes a small downwards step.

Accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is crucial. Often people with Fibro have other issues as well that may not be diagnosed or may not be being well treated. Or even if there are no separate diagnoses, it is important that people with Fibro understand exactly what is causing all their symptoms. For example, many people with Fibro also have myofascial pain. Although this is a common symptom of Fibro, it is also a condition in its own right and it needs different treatment. Until people with Fibro or their healthcare team can identify what is what, it is hard to target treatments.

The optimum management of Fibro also requires a multi-disciplinary approach. As proper multi-disciplinary clinics are rare, people with Fibro need to take charge of their own healthcare to get referrals to physio, hydrotherapy, etc and to not only make sure that they get most benefit from these, but that they continue to use what they are taught beyond the limited sessions available on the NHS.


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