First night

I just wanted to spread my good news - I took my amtriptyline/tramadol for the first time last night and other than getting up at 4.00 am for a trip to the loo and to let the dog out, I slept virtually all night. I could even turn over in bed on my own instead of struggling with the help of the headboard or my husbands help to roll me over!! The best news is I got throught the night without gut spasms since 1st September 2011. I can't tell you what a relief it is and it has made me feel I have more energy today :)))) I just have to be careful not to overdo things then hopefully I can get my life back on track in time.

Thanks for listening, have a great day everyone.

Love and hugs xx

8 Replies

  • Oh what fantstic news for hun, it truely is!

    as you say dont go over doing it.

    hugs poppy xx

  • Thanks for your caring thoughts Poppy :) x

  • Im so glad it worked for you, but please dont over do it

  • Thanks for caring - hope you are taking it easy too :) x

  • good to hear you got a restful night. Enjoy ur day.

    soft hugs xxx dottiedog

  • Had a good day, thanks for the hugs and thoughts - hope you are well too :) x

  • hi finlay thats brilliant news x

  • I know demelza, I can hardly believe it myself - I'm actually looking forward to going to bed tonight for a change, lets hope it's another good night and for everyone else too :) xx

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