Fibromyalgia not considered for medical retirement

I have been informed by Endo consultant that ME/ Fibromyalgia is not usually considered for medical retirement - has anyone tried and failed - who work for a local Authority?? Seems abit naff as I been told no cure

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  • I cannot answer your question but would be interested in the answers you get - but in the meantime would like to add a question - do you suffer from any additional illnesses as we often do? May help a claim as it was mentioned to me when I was talking to Occupational Therapist Advisor when I only suffered from migraines!

  • It has been done. The difficulty is getting sufficient evidence that you will not be able to work in the future. How long you have been diagnosed and seeing a specialist helps with this - if you are still unwell enough to work after a long period of treatment then that is unlikely to change quickly. Some consultants will not stand up in court and say your symptoms are permanent though (as Fibro can be managed - the difficulty is sorting out effective treatment for individual patients).

    I would suggest getting legal advice on this. There are some links to organisations that can provide free legal advice on the FibroAction Benefits page or contact a solicitor that deals with employment law. I know the firm Brian Barr Associates has handled quite a few Fibro related cases, but a local firm could also do a good job.

    As Sarah-Jane said, if you have other conditions, that can have a big impact. Not least because having other conditions that are poorly controlled is a common reason to struggle with getting Fibro under control.

  • as we know all our symptoms vary some people have flare ups of fibro then can go months with no symptoms at all and some of us (including me) never get a break from it, i know i'm not old at 36 but had worked for 15 years as a support worker, but when i got so bad i was unable to work (2008) my employer (which was local authority) had to put me through capability procedures to go through it legally, and my welfare rights officer advised me to try claim for medical retirement but they wouldn't have any of it as they said to do that they would have to have proof that in the next 30 years that the medical profession will never be able to find a cure and i don't suppose that would be easy to prove with any illness really but fingers crossed for you

  • Hi, I work for the government and have a quite a bit of knowledge in relation to ill health retirement so I may be able to help you. It is achievable to leave through Fibro. PM me so we can chat there. x

  • Hi Rach1977. I have PM you my other symptoms conditions so we can chat


  • HI I am sorry been busy, will reply asap. Please forgive me, Rach x

  • Hi Rach if u could offer any advise I'd be grateful my appt is any day now and I would hate to learn something after the event

    Thanx. Other condition sent in messages

  • Hi Rachel any info/ advise????????

  • Hi Rachel I food your email on the health unlocked sight. Hope its ok to talk to you. I have diagnosis on fibromyalgia and have been on and off work for two and a half years. Recently whilst already off work I have the strange feeling I get with fibro and I fell down stairs fracturing my knee. I have asked my manager about early retirement, I have five years until I can go otherwise. My manager called me today and whilst he backs me all the way he says that if I am not successful they will end my contract so I need all the advise I can get, anything would be good, thanks Loraine

  • Hi, I have had fibromyalgia related symptoms for the past three years following a bout of shingles, it worsened after another shingles episode. My job includes chairing meetings under child protection and I have been off work this time for seven months. I find it difficult to remember words and have spoken to my manager about early retirement, I am 55 and feel that things will not change in the next 5 and a half years. My manager got back to me saying HR do not consider that I would be successful ' due to the present climate and cut backs'. Any advise you can give would be invaluable to me, it has taken twenty mind to type this as I type the words but they get jumbled up, not great for a job where we type our work our selves.

    Many thanks


  • I would appreciate any help. I am 53 and diagnoised 3 years ago with Fibro.  I have had 3 periods of long term sick.I have worked for a local authority as  a social worker.  I am off work  and exhausted sick pay. OHU, HR, unison representative all  indicators I would go for ill health retirement however the IRMP (who I have not seen, is this normal practice.?) is unable to make a recommendation to progress  my application for ill health retirement. As my MRI scan results are not available. . I had the MRI on the 2/3/2016 and informed there will be a further delay of approx 4 weeks. pressure from employer that I will go to stage 4 of sickness and absence and dismissal.

    No capability issues prior to diagnosis. I believe pressures of workload and stress's of the social work have caused my fibromyalgia.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Kind regards D

  • Hi there. I was retired on ill health from East Lindsey District Council (Lincolnshire) in 2007 due to fibromyalgia so yes it is possible. It took 2 occupational health referrals to different doctors but personnel couldn't argue with their reports. I did not get my ill health pension though as fibro 'can improve over many years' !!!!!!!!!!

  • What did you get if not your pension??

  • one months salary for every year served in a lump sum. After the Dr's reports I was also eligible for incapacity benefit, but am currently going through the process to be transferred to the new esa - not holding my breath though as so many people on the forums have failed to qualify for anything.

  • They did try to get me back to work in my old job in a graduated return to work (I was a visiting officer and couldn't do the driving or manage carrying a laptop around along with reams of paper) - they refused to consider redeployment. I went to unison and they helped me with meetings with the management/personnel etc.

  • Oh dear. I think I am at the begining of all this. Manager starting to make noises about me not able to manage the environment.

  • Canty they change the environment - law stares reasonable adjustments

  • It's a listed building and they can't facilitate an office in the main house. Might have to move to another unit which is new building mostly on one floor but I just think that they will then have issues with my Fibro fog and capability because I'm a nurse. It's just so scary not knowing whats going to happen.

  • I take Duluxetine for fog and it really works. I am very poorly presently - in bed as I write BUT the fog is not too bad. GP says impossible but I know fir definite this is the only reason I asked for this medication!!!!!!!!!!!! Well actually I was on Fluluxetine but endocrine dept changed as Duluxetine apparently proven to help pain along with anti seizure meds (Pregapentin)

    Good luck. They don't sound very nice - disgusting for medical profession. Don't forget you have good qualifications don't let anyone put you down cos your not well!!!!!!!

    Gentle hug

  • Hello,

    I was wondering what the outcome was regards your medical retirement?

    I have just started the process at work, I am a serving police officer but not coping very well at work medical retirement is my next step!

    Any advice or information you have would be greatly appreciated.

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