new girl

hi everyone

am new to this site have had fibro since I was 19 now 46 wow that's 27years ! Never wrote that down before. Reading you blogs made me laugh , cry and say out loud that's me, that's me. Had such a bad weekend sitting with my face on kitchen table at 02.30am crying cos I was so sore and couldn't find any comfortable possition to try n sleep! Now I know am not mad or alone. Thank you xxxx

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  • lol and hi dottie, nice to meet you. we will all have to meet up and chat on here on a night lol, im debbie by the way and know exactly what your saying, i spend my nights wide awake and grab sleep when i can in day time, tried everything to get back to sleep at night time but now thinking after over 2 years like this that things may never change, dont you think its depressing sitting up all night when everybody else is fast asleep, it drives me mad but one consalation is with the fibro fog ive always got something to watch on the tv lol. soft hugs DEBBIE XX

  • hi Debbie thank I love that you sent soft hugs- that is soooo clever as thats all you can take when your in pain!

    Have got so used to being in pain & up at night I think it has become normal for me. I like the quiet & I read books while wrapped up in sleeing bags ! Find that heat helps my pain.

    Jill xxx soft hugs to you too

  • Hi Im Pauline, one of the resident nutters,welcome to the site, I hope it can help you as much as its helped me

  • Hi Pauline

    love this site already! all my freinds say I'm excentric n a nutter so must be in good company lo

    Jill xxx

  • hi,i am not even properly diagnosed yet but offf work with bad flare up.Had 4 hours sleep last night,read a whole paperback whilst i was trying unsuccessfully to sleep.When i found this site i cried my eyes out and just knew what i had and that i wasnt going mad,no-one understands your pain do they.i am tearful now writing this as i am really low at the moment but it is SO good to chat with poeple who understand and are always here.Gentle hugs xxx

  • Same here was in tears- it's such a relief to find like minded folk who are all going through the same crappy things as you. Hope you get a good Doctor who is sympathetic. My first GP told me she didn't belive in Fibro and i was a hyprocondrac! Over the years have had some good Doc's & bad. Wish I new what I know about fibro now. Good luck xxx

  • xxx thank you all I feel so crap this morning and knowing you all have days & nights like me helps so much. this site is amazing who ever started this THANK YOU THANK YOU xxx

  • Hello

    I am sure that you will love this site, people are lovely

    And you feel like they are your friends.

    This has been for me a real life saver, so full of information

    And help, and friends that understand me and for me I

    Can't say thank enough

    Gentle hugs viv

  • Hi Viv

    thank you i feel crap today but all these messages are making me go around with a huge grin on my face.

    xxx Jill

  • hi dottie!

    welcome! i send you hugs and feathers to watch over you xx

  • Aww

    thank you

    that is sooo nice


  • hello there ,nice to meet you ,hope you find the site as useful as i do ,hugs xxxx

  • Yes this is an amazin site everyone is so nice and helpful

    gentle hugs xxxx

  • welcome and a big gentle hug x

  • thank you

    gentle hugs to you too xxx

  • Welcome from me too dottiedog. :)

    This site is brilliant and we all care. I have never found any other site like this.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • thanks Kel

    am busy trying to dowload imformation as I have an Limited capability for work questionare to fill in & last time I went for a medical the nurse had no clue what fibro was so this tiome i am spelling it out for them!

    gentle hugs to you xxx

  • yes I am enjoying it too much am so emontional I can get on with this form! Jillxxx

  • hello I am penny this site is fab loads of info and friends to offload, laugh ,share experiences and ask questions...

    Soft hugs xxx


  • Hi Penny,

    am finding this the best site ever! will be asking you all loads am sure.

    gentle hugs xxxx Jill

  • Hi a warm welcome to you this site is brill as others have said not been on it long myself. soft hugs xx

  • thanks it is a brill site

    soft hugs back xxx

  • hello and welcome im new to this site too only joined the other week but i feel at home here knowing everyone else in in the same boat its nice to know you can come and chat on here when you need to and everyone is very friendly its great feels like we are family already so welcome and hope you enjoy it as much as i have xxx

  • this is so true feel a bond with everyone as they all have expericiened/feel the same pain & stresses.

    I feel almost sane now!

    soft hugs xxx

  • Welcome I'm Frances iike u have had it a long time I was10 now 48 .this site makes me laugh cry and help me and others .

    P.s and if. Chorley out there I miss your blogs .soft hugs x

  • thanks Francis

    seems we're all in the same boat thank goodness it's a big one!

    soft hugs xxx JIll

  • Hi YA

    I was new to this site last week and now no iam not going out of my mind, could not believe people had the same symptoms as me as i dont know anybody with fibro, its such a relief to know iam not alone, i have been made very welcome by everyone the only thing that scares me now is going to the tribuneral to see if iam entitled to anything and threw reading other peoples blogs on here is now going to put in for DLA too as i have a bad case of fibro

    soft hugs Paula x

  • Hi Paula,

    it is great that there is so much positive replies on this site. Good luck appling for benfits -it is hard to know what to apply for.Mad that everyone has to go cap in hand to get help that they are entitled to!

    soft hugs xxx Jill

  • Paula bombard them with as much info as u can and make sure youfill it in as how you are on a bad day x

  • welcome dottie dog we all know what its like its invisible but painful hugs xxx

  • its nice to know your not alone i m new myself and we need sites like this where we are all there for each other xxx

  • fifty I think this site is amanzin , everyone is so welcoming & friendly.

    it is a relief to know your are not alone.

    soft hugs xxxx dottiedog

  • good on you paula you are not alone we are a community and i find it helps by being part of this and if you have a good support network that helps hugs xxx

  • Hi, I'm Amanda and quite new here myself. I have found everyone really friendly and helpful and I am sure you will get as much out of it as I do. It's so nice not having to explain Fibro as everyone knows already! Fairy hugs x

  • Aww Catsrule- cool Amanda i found the advice great already. Know i am going to be regular . like the fairy hugs made me smile. soft hugs xxx Jill

  • hiya Dottie and Catsrule, and welcome to you both x

    you'll find all sorts of useful info in here and then simply friendship and support when you need it. there'll be lunatics like me (and few others I could mention but won't.....but one of them starts with a and some very sensible folks too. take your pick!

  • hi Sammicat15 , lol seems a great mix of folks here.great to hear from so many people. soft hugs xxx dottiedog

  • A very warm welcome Dottie - I too only found this site earlier this week. I have been amazed at the frienship and help from our fellow sufferers :) I wish I had found it last year, it brilliant.

    Love and hugs xx

  • Hey Finlay thank goodness I found this it has saved my sanity? well what little that's left! i hav ealready found everyone so kind & helpful. It's great to be able to keep intouch with fellow fibro's . soft hugsxxx dottie

  • Hi dotty iv just come back wecome to our family booohoooxxx

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