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nerve pain kicking at night and in feet

i have terrible nerve pain kicking in at night nerve twitching cant lie in bed and have it in my feet abut i have a added problem i have rtheaumatiod arthritistis i got my fibro 1991 i fractured my spine with rods screws and plates and was told i got fibro through trauma and was told by physio keep active excerise otherwise fibro gets worst it hard sometimes but it does help i was told about a new drug but i cant have it it interacts with my RA tablets

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sorry your suffering so ,sending you lots of gentle hugs xxx


hi chris,i too got fb from spinal op,like you rods&bolts holding spine together.i twitch&jump at nites&have bad pains.neroligist told me try to keep abit mobile cos other wise could end up with osteoperios(excuse spelling)my dr is great at helping me with meds(brutram patches,gabbenpentin,paracetmals,naproxen)its the pacing&resting&little mobile i try to keep too,i know it if i over drive!!just find your own level of pacing,sending hugs x


ye thats very true i have pain management learn how to pace yourself but when y have a good day you sometime get carried away like i do and then pay for it in the end but you have to try keep mobile and excerisce otherwise yes osteoporisis my mother had it and i dont want that as well i take 3 lots of morpine and anti vurals for rheaumatiod arthrtis stomach tabs because i irrible bowel lactose intolerrant i take over 40 tablets a day and if i didnt i wouldnt walk thanks for the hugs i send y the same it trying to think positive all the time i do most of the time sometimes feet and ankles get to me but pull myself together you have to look after no1 huggs xxx


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