fog is scaring me

i went to check my bank balance on phone banking , i have done it now for 15 years with the same security number .Icould not and i still cant remember my number . i am having to change number and it takes 5 days to come through. so decided to go to cash machine to check it and called in co op to get a bottle of wine i could not remember what i went in for , so i just walked round trying to think and came out with a bottle of brandy . scared me to death xx

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  • recently Ive used washing up liquid in my coffee instead of milk, and today told m y daughter she needed tin openers to hang her clothes up, I meant coat hangers

  • lally you made me laugh. i do washing and forget to put powder in xx

  • Hi Rosehip, im the same hun. Ive got a DLA appeal on monday. Dreading it. My Son is going with me. Hope your fog clears soon. Do you like Brandi??. Hug & love to you. Helen xx

  • ah bless dont worry hunni we r all the same ur not on yr own i forget words nspeak double dutch its frightening i know but normal for FM sufferers. xxx

  • Ive put milk in the washing machine instead of washing powder because I was making a coffee just before ...ooops!! Im always doing daft things, but I have to laugh at myself or I'd go mad. x

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