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paid for it big tme !!!!!!

the other day i cleaned through my bungalow and this morning i changed my curtains in kitchen and did a bit of ironing .Wow i am now in loads of pain and so so tired zzzzzz.

my house looks nice and fresh but i am knackered . my hubby is going to clean my windows so then i can settle down and rest foe a few days , i am glad its done though x

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Do you think every now and again you don't feel

To bad and have this energy that you have not

Had for a while and then you are able to do the

Things you used to do

And then you

Get a flare, I just wonder if that is the beginning

Of a flare as I feel like this some times and just

Wonder if it's like a warning I hope this makes

Sence to you

Love viv


did the same ysterday,felt ok tues so on my day off blitzed the house-you have to do it when you feel ok,my house was a mess cos i have been so tired.of course i have paid for it today,worst flare up in weeks and irritable bowel aswell,feel lousy.gentle hugs and glad you have got a caring hubby to look after you xx


Hi. I cleaned my windows inside and out on Wednesday by Thursday I was a having a few problems with my arms but last night it hit everywhere hardly any sleep hurting everywhere, hate having Fibro as I'm sure we all do just wish I could have my old body back, my mind still thinks I can carry on as normal even after 9 years daughter says I never learn but I refuse to let it beat me but it invariably does Gentle hugs to you all x


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