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Is there a fixed time legnth contribution based ESA with support group is paid for?

After working for 46 years my husband was made redundant in March last year. In May last year his illness deteriorated rapidly and he was signed on the sick. After a face to face assessment in January this year, he has been placed in the support group so his money has been increased from £71.70 to £106.50 per week. This was also backdated to August last year. Does anyone know if this is paid for a fixed term ie. one year or will he continue to get paid so long as he is still too ill to work? I work so if it was to become means tested I doubt he would get anything. Thanks Jill :)

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Hi Jill. If your husband is in the support group I'm pretty sure there is no time limit on how long he can claim, the 365 day rule don't apply. I don't think the support group is means tested. I'm sure someone with more knowledge of benefits will confirm this for you.

Mazz xx


Thanks Mazz, your reply is much appreciated. What was I thinking of this morning when spelling length? It must have been too early lol ... Thanks again x


Hi jillybobs

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I do not personally know the answer to your question, but I have pasted below the link to the FibroAction benefits information section. It has all kinds of benefit information on the site. I genuinely hope that you find it useful.


Good luck with this and take care

Ken x


Thank you you're a star x


They have the right to review you when ever they feel fit! However support group does mean that you do not have attend WRAC interviews. They can send you another form to fill in and then reassess.

If you are on contribution then you are not means tested however if you are on income related then you are. If I went on income related mine would drop to £43.00 .

gov.uk/benefits-adviser have go a though the advisor it does not take long and might help you apply for more?


Hi Jill

According to the government's website on ESA there’s no time limit on how long you can claim contribution-based ESA if you’re in the support group. Hope this helpsx


Hi Rosewine, Thank you for that info. I can feel a bit easier now. Thanks again


Contribution based esa is only paid for 365days then the other esa is means tested but if he is in support group he will be paid for as long as he is sick but i dont know weather you have to have a medical regular good luck xxxx


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