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I know we go trough our own fear, but this illness also effects our partners and our family, I was a invinsible mum wife and daughter, I thought Id go on for ever, but this illness hit me right between the eyes, 3years ago,

Whilst my family tried their best to understand , they found it so hard, the constant round of appointments tests etc with no real answers at the end of them

They struggled to cope with me being so ill so quickly, I could barely work ,and my personality changed dractically, I was terrified of what was happening to me.

My marriage soon fell apart as my hubby of 36yrs cut himself off from me, he just couldnt cope without me by his side, drinking and a breakdown soon followed, as he tried to find his way to the wife he knew,

Its taked 3 yrs for him to finally understand that me has gone, but the love we have for each other hasnt, he s now aot better, as are the kids , weve still got 4 at home ages from 25, to 13, their life also was disrupted

I know alot of us have had our relationship problems , and also family problems,It took a friend to point out, that my hubby was heartbroken and fearful of what was happening to me, he nearly cried on speaking to her about me health

So while we find it hard to take in, dont forget like ripple in water this fear spreads to those who love us also

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So true Lally so very true

poppy xxx


Very true Lally, was going through a bad time myself....not as severe as you & i was told by my hubby i take it out on him.

It has been a tidal wave of ups & downs with family & feinds with some sinking & others surviving the storm.

Take care, gentle hugs..Mary x.


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