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just been so tired two days running ive had to go back to bed by late afternoon. It just makes me feel so guilty and i worry what my partner thinks. also my arms and legs just feel so weak, i have to keep stopping typing as my right arm is aching so much. I had a shower an hour ago and wasnt in there very long as my legs could barley hold me up. on the plus side apart from headache im not in much pain. Ive got lunch at my friends tomorrow ive known her since childhood and one of the first things she will say to me is, hows your aches and pains, Aches and pains !!!!!! god i wish it was that simple, oh well I guess its just another day.

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hi hun im so tired aswell as soon as i sit down i start to get sleepy n also worry about wot people think.ive been in so much pain just lately with my hands n fingers .i also get very bad headaches.its awful i know coz people just dont understand how we feel ,enjoy yr lunch keep smiling soft hugs Tofty xx


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