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Even my dogs are sick of bed !

My dogs are looking at me with big eyes the cat thinks it is great that mummy is ill !

I have a bug and the doctor said sit it out but with FM as well it is wearing a bit thin :-(

My daughter is home and being a star but you can only watch do many films ...

I also have a giant house rabbit called Little Grey and a ferret a guinea pig and a garden rabbit. I know bit of a zoo lol



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Hi Penny,

We have a zoo too, cat , dog, rabbit, 5 hens and some fish in a pond . Luckily, my hubby looks after them all because I can't .

When he goes out , Molly, the dog, heaves a huge sigh , looks at me with big sad eyes and goes and gets on her bed.... she knows once Rich isn't here there's no chance of walkies or play time bless her !




aww i had two hens marma and laid the fox got them, i love my animals they keep me company but sadly no husband lol

my dogs do not know that walks exsist but are happy because they have constant company



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