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why do I never get through surgery without problems??????

Am soooooooooooooooooo sick in the last 6 years I have had 9 surgeries and after every one it has took me ages to recover as I always seem to pick up a virus, or some other infection.

I fell in November and broke my collar bone! Ouch, but it was not in the middle it was near the shoulder end and normally no surgery is needed, but the pain continued and could not lift my arm up (well apart from when I had my asos medical and could apparently do hand stands?????)

so after 6 months of it not healing they decided surgery, not it was done and apart from the initial first week I could lift my ar up a little at a time (and of course by then ESA was stopped coz I was fit for work??? if anyone has a job for me as a therapist with only one arm that can be used contact be,!

find someone with their right arm in a sling and we could work together)

So all went well with surgery nice neat scar he did it long ways so when I wear a bra/vest top the scar wouldn’t show, as if the other 12 scars are not noticeable, lol

so yesterday I got out of bed and my ankle was all swollen and red, and my shoulder was too,hmmmmm maybe infection yup I now have cellulites and ma now on mega antibiotics grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr why it was healing, sorry for moan but am normally such a positive person but just sick of surgeries and recoveries, and I still have surgeries to come yet but have said no-no no enough give me a rest, and the sad thing is it was due to all the trauma and surgery I had that started the fm off

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oh dearnot good i hope the anti bio work swiftly be good to you and rest as much as possible petal


Thanks hun it should,

Got told off the consultant to stop masking pain, lol Well, would say I have got a mega pain threshold which I do and in the past I have done the clincs, meds, cog therapy, pain manegment but when he was pressing with wound it brought tears to my eyes, and he just said `look I can see its hurting why do you not say so?, and my answer was I live everyday with pain and if I sceamed or cried every time something hurt I would prob be in a hospital bed permanently, silly man .


We are in the same boat had surgery a week past Friday and now have an infection after the second bout of anti biotics its under controll and yes I did take longer to recover but look back and think I had 3 sections and breast fed three babies what the heck has happened to me Fibro and a few more years under my belt I think, Hope you start to feel a bit better soon and keep your sense of humour as sometimes thats what gets us through it was after surgery that my fibro started too Hugs to you Sparkie xx


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