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I Predict A Riot

Well ladies and gents this should put the cat among the pigions....

Nowhere on here have I seen any comment on sex...yes you read it right SEX.

No I'm not being rude but it adds new meaning to pain and pleasure, the Arhh's and Oohh's are for completely different reasons now and the stiff walk for the following three days would compete with Robocop.

Sorry if this offends anyone but it's a sense of humour that gets me through.

Love to you all xxx :-) :-) :-) :-)

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Sex.........what's that?!?! Non existent in my life,i'm only 38! xxx


SEX SEX SEX DID YOU SAY THE S word lol. so long since i been there i had forgotton that there was such a word nevermind an action..... but thats cos i live alone and am sixty one. If I was offered am illion dollars I stil lwould have to weigh up the pain against the pleasure. how the younger ladies manage to keep their men happy amazes me bravery takes on a new meaning. ow ow ow stop it I like it. sorry my humour is bad tonite petal


hiya, i never knew you left this blog cos i have only been on fibroaction blog, but i changed to and i wrote my blog about sex and when i turned to communityblog there you were,

How do you get on with it, my partner suffers with very similar symptoms to me who suffers from fibro,and he has a low sex drive anyway without the drugs that makes it even lower, we always had it regularly, but now its almost non existing and when we do its like a couple of amateur fumbling virgins. Your right our oohs and aarrs are not about pleasure either, I miss that connection with my partner, i really do, it was very important to bond with him soul to soul. but it is no longer to be.......i miss him that way so much.

good luck



Where theres a will...theres a way, it is hard ( sorry bout the pun) my husbands always afraid of hurting me and I do end up gritting my teeth on occasion. The physical bond is very immportant and cuddles are a must. Try on backs at right angles with your legs over him so no pressure.

Sorry if that's too specific. xx


I'm sure I'm probably different from a lot of people on this site because I had not had sex before I developed fibro therefore for me I learnt what I could and couldn't do and what helped etc very naturally with my first boyfriend. He knew all about my fibro and we ensured that we worked together. It has meant that I haven't been one for flings and I cannot tell if this is my personality or fibro. My current boyfriend is also amazing, probably once every 2 weeks is our usual, but sometimes we will have a couple of months without. I find that as my bladder and bowel issues have got worse this has mamde me a lot more embarrassed and reserved but we still often have a happy sex life. I find that the adrenaline helps if the pace is kept up but i am then dead for the rest of that day and bad the next.. sarcafices


bjesus SEX,its been a long time as i live on my own.its been bout 3yrs since iv had sex but i too like cxs957 found that adrenaine helped and a good rhythem(even tho the pain was there it made it easier).infact theres only a few times iv had to end a good session and the main one was cos i fell of the bed...and let me tell you..then i was in pain and so was my b/friend,lmao....o the good old days...lots of lv and hus fm me :) xx


So good someone left a blog on sex we all do it or don't in our cases but all 2 shy to say thanx for bringing it up makes more sence now as to why I try avoid it and nice to know I'm not only 1 with the pain duing and after.

Thank you karen xx


from another robocop, yes I still want sex, after all Im ill not dead,its difficult[was going to say hard] but I find a way, it hard to orgasm but some times I get there, its to only normal thing I can still do


I think I made a comment and i think it was It was on blog you asked something llaly and remember reading that you had orgasms and I think I asked for some, Well if I slept in the same bed maybee, but have so much dicomfort from the fm and athritis in most of my joints.

Its sad but we still have a very good life and we are with each other a lot.

But because I cannot use anything with a hormone involved cannot have HRT or creams

But I used to worry that if it didn`t happen we might fall apart but we are still strong.

And on the humour side my hubby say`s I now I shout for God, then moan but for a totaly different reason, he said he would change his name to Mr God and moan . lol .

I was going to ask last week about a different area where you can do chat about things that often get missed such as sex and feelings and even the happy times, because when your having a flare up the its last thing you want to have a conversation about sex, anyone else feel the same?


Again, well done for raising what we are all often afraid to mention.

Single at the moment, but as I said on previous blog it was always about timing for me. Just picking the moment when I was neither too tired nor in too much pain. Worked for me, but not enough for ex - but that really was his problem!

Whippet x


its so hard with the pain to have any sort of a normal life, I know I disturb my hubby when my moving about, but sleeping together keeps us close, as its hard to find space with 4 kids still at home, a few weeks ago I couldnt orgasm at all but its slowly coming back, it must have been my new meds


Everything causes me pain it seems. SOOOOOOOOOOOO what the f**k. Sex puts a smile on my face and if I'm gonna hurt anyway, why not. In other words, I'm up for it all the time and so is my partner!


good on you Charlie 2


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