fellow sufferers! Maybe a relief for our pain??? HEMP OIL

I found alot of references to this oil and I already ordered from amazon. I'm also sending a link:


where it it explains some benefits....

When my hemp oil capsules arrive I'll start to take them... I can no longer rely on my meds to take some pain away!!

I'll post more info about how things go. I have to try something....

Gentle hugs to everyone!!!

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  • thanks, have just looked it up and ordered some myself lol!

  • Be aware that the article you linked to is not well evidence based and contains inaccuracies.

    Hempseed oil is a good source of essential fatty acids, and as such, may be of help with inflammatory problems. Fibro is not inflammatory though.

    This article has more information:


    Do check with your doctor and pharmacist before starting any new supplement as it may have side effects and interactions you are unaware of.

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