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Is Pregabalin better for pain management.

Where to start? My Pain Consultant yesterday prescribed Pregabalin and to wean off Gabapentin (which I have been on about 10 years), I just feel at my witts end as over the last 6 months the pain has increased tremendously. Additionally, I take 30 mg Zomorph db; and Duloxetine 50 mg nocte for the pain. I have other health problems besides the Fibro but these are the pain related medications. I have major stress issues which affect my sleep which has a knock on effect on pain.

Has anyone experienced better pain management with the Pregabalin?

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Thanks, read the report and things are looking up :)


Hi michellle, i was on gabapentin, but never worked for me, was changed over to pregabalin.

I take them morning and night with SR tramadol, amatriptoline at night and paracetamol as and when needed

The difference in both tablets for me was great am almost painfree, but they dont work for everyone but give them a chance.

good luck

anne ; ) xx



Thanks, am starting the Pregabalin today :)


Hi Michelle, I was on Gabapentin, but as they were doing nothing for me my gp changed me to Pregabalin. I am on 75mg twice a day, and on top of that zormorph 100mg twice a day, im not totally convinced its working for me t be honest but some people it has worked wonders for, so give it a chance, with the gabapentin, your body may have been becoming used to it, so this change maybe what it needs. Good luck :) Blessings Willow


Thanks for the heads up; I too believe that after so long my body is used to it, starting Pregabalin today, fingers crossed...

Bright Blessings )O(


Hia, tried Neurontin was laid up all time,

Personaly lyrica is a life saver for me as self employed and was at witts end, got to be persistant though. I take along side pain relief too.

At present i want it doubling up higher dose. If i dont take it i feel very heavy weak and feel like rubbish because i been suffering really bad facial discomfort at moment.

I felt a decent day and did not take meds and was back to square one day after. Everyone finds different things to suit althoufh wen bad flare ups mothing really helps, so i am waiting brain MRI results to see injections for neck and hands mainly for driving.

All the best xxxx soft fluffy hugs xx


Thanks, gentle hugs back to you xx


I didn't get much benefit from gabapenting but the pregabalin has worked. I have reduced my tramadol and only other pain relief is paracetamol as required.

Nobody else has mentioned it so it might not be the case for everybody (I can tend to have unusual reactions to some medications) but when I first started it, I couldn't take it during the day as it made me feel, sound and behave as if I was drunk so at first I just took it in the evening. Now that I am used to it, I can take one during the day.

Like I said, just my experience.

Christine x



I am on Lyrica and find it useful. Only bad side effect i have had is to become incredibly clumsy so if you find that happens to you that may be the culprit. However as it manages my pain from CFS I put up with it.



Thanks to all for your answers, I'm on day 3, my GP advised taking just one a day to start with and so far the difference is good, here's to being able to live my life again :-)


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