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Went to my sister beauty room yesterday i just answered the phone and took appointments that it really chat with clients igot home at 5.20 i wasabsolutely washed out just got straight into the bath it funnt how somehing so simple can wear you out ???

I just get so frustrated wih this fibromyalgia sometimes . never mind it is what it is love to you all diddle xxxx

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Hey diddle, hugs of the gentle kind,

I know how you feel - all I'll be doing is going to pay bills in the PO - then on to my Daughter's home and visit with my her and my Grandson - the 2 buses journey there and 2 buses back alone, is almost 4 hours or so depending on if they run late or not. Once at my Daughter's I just sit and get made a fuss of. By the time I get home, shower and crawl into bed - I feel as though I've been on the go for a week! You said it - Fibromyalgia IS frustrating.


Carol xx


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