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Been off work for 6 weeks.Had my long term sick interview with employer on thursday last week and decided to return to work yesterday only doing 2 hours to start with and gradually get back to 4 hours a day.Well got home last night felt a bit of pain in chest and back and left arm but this morning the pain in the chest and back has got worse and finding it hard to bend my neck.Now my question is have i gone back to work to early ,i cannot afford to go sick again and should i start taking the diazepam again and double up the tramadol.this is so employers have been great everything is in place to help me but there is only so much they can do.

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Check out your contract and your comapnies sick leave policy. I have been with my company for more than 5 years,however they dod know that I was registered disabled when they took me on. The contract gives me 25 weeeks full pay and 25 week at half pay, it also says that if I go back to work after a long period of time, it breaks the sick cycle, so if I go back for a week or 2 then go sick again the 25 weeks start again. My company have been so good. I have been seen by their private Occupation Health doctors who said I should be getting DLA and have a blue badge. I have been off work more than in work this last 2 years. Not sure how much more the company or I can take. THe OCuupational doctor did tell my company that my disability will restrict my attendance. Speak with your GP and then to your HR dept. XXXXXXXX


Hey sherry

Hope work are sympathetic to the fibro.

Try and ask your workplace to make some reasonable adjustments? I did with mine and they were fairly accommodating - they give me time off for my medical appointments. I agree with Dzzyduck do speak to your GP and then HR, if you get your GP to write to your HR team about what reasonable adjustments you need then the HR team will be legally required to consider whether they can make those adjustments (although they can argue that their business needs come first). Good luck hon. Love and gentle hugs xxx


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