getting old!

Got all excited last week when I got my first free prescription! And looking forward to bus pass at 62!

So what do I read in the paper today - DC and his public school cronies are thinking of means testing everything free at present for over 60s.

I am no good at sums, but how much will doing this cost and can you imagine the forms to fill in!!!!!!!


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  • but do you think someone with 1000s of pounds in savings really needs £200 heating free bus and free medication ( thinking Sir Alan sugar ) but as a dyslexic person with FMS i do have to say i hate forms with a passion so sympathy ..

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • It's a tricky one, isn't it? A lot would depend on the limit above which free prescriptions etc are taken away. And this could lead to hardship for many who are just managing on their existing pensions. I have a couple of good friends who are in this situation.


  • Politics lol

    I think people who see rich could choose to opt out !

  • Think allll this lottery money shows there is money and i think if can do the same for putting into whats needed in Britain the same as what we do for lotto then the money could be usef wisely would'nt you agree haha. We in recession, but yet the lottery makes billions!! And some lucky individuals win it but it does not help everyone else :-( .. If i won it i would look into where is neded and spread as i started with nothing so i would make sure i have enough to be very comfortable haha xxxx

  • Sorry hi there caroline , i caroline too :-) xx chris conversation took me off track ohps.. Well my mum was excited when got bus pass lol since she does not drive anyway and so saves her a fortune on buses going to college.

    She says bus drivers look twice at pass as she is a young looking 63 yr old lol but been a village used to her now and the fact the pass now gives age away haha xx i think lots of things should be free as most ppl wrked all life and retireing should be choice too, should never be made to wrk longer! Especially if theres many with illnesses too and struggled. It should be optional ;-) xxxx huggles

  • Sir mr alan sugar looks like my dad a bit lol eeek xx

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