new stuff happening:(

hi there ! for the past 4 days ive not been sleeping well at all and been having severe nightmares . yesterday was a bed day pains were bad but today i have had the most perculiar thing happening in my head its been fuzzy and i keep getting sudden wishing sounds of my heartbeat in my head and also my eyes are hurting from behind, also i went to the shop and i had the feeling that i was going to pass out or something . im not stressed or nervous being in shops so it cant be a panic attack but i really feel like somethings not right.also i have been having mega tingling in my hands:( can anyone enlighten me??

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  • Hi I get a fuzzy head and cant think stright when i'm realy tired. I also find my heart beat is loud in my head and faster when i havew a headache. I think the way you feel could be down to being extreamly tired but i would go and see your GP and tell him whats been going on to be on the safe side. hope you get some sleep soon soft hugs xx

  • thanks scrumie i must admit i was a tad worried today!! hugs back alexandra xx

  • hi fairy tails,the symptons your describing are exactly what i get.i cant remember when they started but its been a long seems to happen me when im tired or stressed.i cant even remember if i told the doc but im still sorry it scared you.just go see your doc.the back of my eyes offen get a aching twanging feeling.i just lay down and put something over my eyes,sometimes it helps but not always,lots of love and hugs fm me xx

  • thankyou gerisly and also christine so glad that this exists to talk to people :) xxx

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