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OMG i cany believe it i helped my siser 1 to 3 pm when i walked out of th door it was SUNNY yes a big yellow ball of bright light i the sky and the sky was BLI=UE well i could not believe iti got home took my doggy for a walk then got into a bath and am now sitting on sofa with my heat and massage pad as i am so achey and tired i jut feel totally washed out !!!

never ind it was my fault i went to london done too much as you have to when your up there we packed so much in so i knew i would be in for rough ride when i got back but it was worth it

i am just chilling now it is lovely home alone and on the buses is on the telly it looks so old fashioned but it is quite funny too

hope you all have a lovely evening love to you diddle xxx

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hello diddle it is brighter here in wales this afternoon I am pleased you enjoyed your trip to london hope you are feeling better soon love beth


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