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I feel so guilty sometimes. I have my DLA , ESA support. Have just picked up my brand new car using my DLA. I wont list my pains or probs coz we are all in the same boat. But my lovely daughter in law, who has given me me 2 bueatiful children has so much on her shoulders it kills me inside. Her mother, father and sister all have cancer. She has had tests and will develope breast cancer at some point. Her sister is dying. Not weeks ..days..she is only 35 yrs old. I worry my grandaughter will inheret the gene..she is only 4yrs. I want to be happy about all the things I have but they mean nothing when it comes down to it. What right do I have to complain?

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How sad i so feel for you and your family . hugs xx


HI siver,

I am so sorry for your daughter in law and her and yours family.

I just want you to send you a big hug and you can come on here and moan anytime, we will listen.

Everybody has a right to moan and there will always be somone worse off if you sit and think about it. But you remember that what you are going through isnt very nice and has affected your life and family.

hugs, kel xxxxx


thank you jazher, I must be honest I did feel better after I had written down my moans. My daughter in law has opted to have double mastectomy before she developes cancer. I just wish the NHS would pull their fingers out and get on with it. She doesnt need any more psych evaluations !!!! she has made her decision, which was really a no brainer. If I maybe permitted 1 more moan, her sister had the genetic test and was clear !!!! so they ignored the lump in her breast.


Sorry to hear about your daughter in law. And if we cant have a moan about things here where can we?

The best thing is to be there to support. She knows her sister is dying but when it happens it doesnt hurt any less. Sometimes just a cuppa and a tissue will help.

I have a friend who lost her mum a 2 years ago, at the age of 19, to cancer. Two months later she lost her granda to cancer. Her aunt and granny have be a great support to her. Especially with her fundraising for the local hospice. For her 21st party she didnt want any presents but donations instead.

And its nice to see the smile on my friends face when you tell a story about her mum.

When your granddaughter is grown up hopefully medicine will have made the advances to effectively treat this horrible disease, if not to iradicate it.

Hugs to you x


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