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accidental overdose

Just had a dreadful day. Last night I couldn't find my meds so I went to my cupboard & got some spares.Trouble is that because I was feeling rubbish, I found an old packet of Ametryptiline & dutifully took 4 as usual.

This morning I felt dreadful but carried on with my commitments, but this evening I realised that I had taken 4 x 50mg instead of 4 x 10mg!

Considering I also have to take many other meds (including heart tablets) I'm really lucky that I didn't cause any serious harm. It's over 25 hours since I took them, so it's a bit late to worry now.

I've now got rid of the high strength ametryptiline so it can't happen again.

Fibro fog at it's worst!

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hi hun I hope ur feeling beta very soon I'm not sure but I think I've done that in past my memory is bad & cudnt remember if I took my meds so I took them & felt really ill after about 1hr it lasted all day & most of nxt day & all dr says is got 2b careful cus I cud kill my self der like I don't no that no if I'm not sure I don't take them Gentle hugs hun x


thanks loobie, glad theres someone else with the same problem x


oh dear bless u that cud have been so much worse for u ,fibro fog is a nitemare take care hun xxx


Oh dear its so easy to to this, done the same thing myself

when we have fibro fog you just cant remember, I have stood

with the medication in my hand and cant remember if I have

taken any a few minuites ago, please excust the spelling as

I cant remember how to spell things.

I hope you have a good nights sleep god bless


HI cobweb,

I hope you are feeling better today. What an easy thing to do though how scarey.

My mother in law has just had to go to bed for a similar reason. The gp gave her cocdamol and he told her take two at a time but i know she is crap at taking tablets so i told her just 1. She didnt listen to me and has took two and is now being sick and cant get out of bed.

Its so easy to do.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hope you have no long term effects cobweb. Somedays I can't remember if I have actually taken my meds, as the pain doesn't feel better, so I just don't take any until the next time due. Then because the pain seems much worse I think, "well perhaps I really didn't take them??!" So I bought myself one of those little pill organiser things. Has days of the week. So when I am feeling alert and energetic enough to take the tops of the bottles! or push the pills out of the packageing!! I fill up for the week. Even if I have to take several in a day, I can work out if I have taken them or not by how many are left. Has saved me many a mishap or pain racked day. Best wishes Sue.


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