another lovely day

The weather has been a real treat, although I can't sit out in the garden we do have the door open in our livingroom and the breeze is lovely... we even had a little visitor come in , a little baby bird . It sat happily on our mirror for a while our gizzie didn't even bark when it flew around to get back out surprisingly!

Hope that everyone is enjoying the sunshine and gentle breeze

hugs poppy xx

2 Replies

  • Hi Poppy, its a little cooler now and the breeze is lovely, just given my dogs a short walk and they enjoyed it, it looks as though it might rain.

    A friend said they would call and see me, and yet again they have let me down, not even a txt to say they can't make it!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    HUgs, Sue x x

  • Hi susie, awww! that is disapointing for you but at least you can come on here for a chat.....

    hope your day isn't so bad and you still are able to enjoy the rest of the day,

    hugs poppy : D xx

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