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saturday spent at hospital !!!!!!

at hospitat this morning for scan for this new illness they have given me

so had all blodes done for fibro now haveing all done again for lymphedema

sky blue but have to stay in as the sun is hurting the skin and not to get sunburn with it

fab i am going to see are son in october in cyprus so that will be fun

my feet legs hands arms are sooooo big with the lymph that it is silly it is that bad that the fibro pain is in the back ground sooo pissed

but hay we have to just get on with it and been told that if it is will have to have presher bandages on it this weather now that will be good

and then we have to put up with silly people in are familes and out of them saying silly things like you don't look like there is anythink rong with you

and all you need to do is get a jobe and you will be fine soooo pissed

ok finish to rant sofft hugs and have fab days in the garden and good sleeps for tonight kathxxxx

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Aww Kath sorry to hear things are not good, I feel guility to say I have had a lovely day in and out of the garden today.

Soft Hugs, Sue x x x


sue that is fab to now it is about time some of us are having a good time .

you have it for me and i will have the next one . i am ok just having a rant as it is the only place that we can

hope you have a fab day soft hugs ksth xx


Kath I have Fibro and Lympho. Both are playing me up at the moment especially the lypho.Beautiful weather and having to sit in, it's not fair is it. Am paying to go and see a neurologist on Wednesday as the buzzing and tingling in my leg is going worse as is the buttock pain. GP doesnt want to know. Now my eyes are playing me up as well. OH sh.. I wont go on depressing you and myself......anyone out there got a gun!!!!! Just read somewhere you're not supposed to get hot baths either with Lympho. What next I wonder.

Having a bad day today even my husband speaking to me is getting my down (but thats nothing new). I'm just one miserable cow.



Has anyone on here had a lymphatic drainage? I went to see a physical therapist (not a physiotherapist) when my lymphatic system showed signs of blockage, and I would recognize it to anyone. I had to be done slowly over a period of weeks because I was in pain, but boy was it worth it in the end. My physical therapist showed me what to do if it started again, and so far I have been able to control it!

Angel hugs

Lindz x


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