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good day and bad

yes im in pain but good news is son got a job again!

bad news follows an argurment with someone who is down the same yard with the horses after blocking off the schooling area to half i did say she was being selfish as not to think of other yard users who want to get into the school as she was grazing her horses in there not only that but she and another woman has 4 paddocks between them and us on the other side have to manage our fields oh and did say that when her dogs come down to pick up their crap from the school as the 2 8 yr olds that have our oldie on loan dont want to tread in it.

well she goes crying to owner to then rings phil up and gives us 2 months to get out!!

trouble is we signed a contract with the mother of the woman who wants us out not them and to terminate we have to have done something wrong which we pay on time never late pick up the horse poo from the fields ragwort our own field . so really dont think they have a leg to stand on trying to kick us out cos i had a go at one of their freinds

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Pleased your Son has got a job :) That is out of order giving you two months to get out. Dont think they have a leg to stand on. How awful.

I used to have a Horse many yrs ago. What breed is yours?

Im off to bad soon, night hunni & big hug xx


thank you well they arnt horses they are nf ponies easy to do i dont ride they are my daughters i hate the horsey world so bitchy even the pony world lol . all she wants to do is go ride her ponies shes not interested in a social life down the yard and i like to go down now and again just to keep an eye on them make sure shes looking after them ok . trouble is business and freindship dont really work as you always favour the friend!

its a stress i can do without at moment


Just reading this ..larrfing .angied..we have ponies and every yard is the same. I had a ruff week lastweek and my hubby helps me and this crazy new woman been obviously less than a month and bearing inmind the ponies only been on summer grazing for one week was saying rather hastily our sec b is a bully when her coloured cob been battering ours...mine have now got their own field for time being . . Stress i just don't need.....


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