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Neurology appt

Saw a lovely Lady Doctor who after talking with me and then doing some tests, she said I want to refer you for an urgent MRI scan, so we can see your brain and neck........... she thinks I have an impingement in my neck and that my bad headaches etc are migraine????? And she wants to put me on propranalol, a beta-blocker, I don't want to go on that and I used to suffer with migraines and they didn't feel like this!!!!

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hi soulsusie hope you get sorted out, if you dont want to go on beta-blockers you must tell her and that the headaches dont fell like the migraines you used to have. no good me having brain scaned as fog to thick to see it thats if i've got one i do wounder sometimes lol. soft hugs xx


Thanks for the thought scrummie x x


hugs xx


Thanks x X


i agree beta blockers not right for us. in fact i think could cause complications. my gp and a neurologist recommended this due to other impact they felt of headaches from fibro meds. i refused. still having a dye mri next month and this week gp agreed to send me to incontinence clinic??

so wish we could get a full range of pain releif therapies on nhs without us having to pay privately. they can make the difference to a week in bed in pain or some pain relief short term. either way they are worth it. my muscles are hurting so much i have not been able to sleep all night despite taking clomazpam (mild antidepressant used at very low dose to help you sleep). i also wish goverment would offer the nutional suppliments that help booste body due to poor absorbtion due to ibs.

lastly beta blockers state do not take if you have any allergies. i think the majority of us develope allergies due to hightened sensativity.

any way taken my b12 amd magnesium sulphate, plus anti fungal and antibiotics, so think i will crawl back to bed.

the heat makes me feel completely drained and does not help my fibromyalgia pain.

;love to all

happexxx <3


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