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Over the anger today!

Yesterday for the first time in 9months i went and got my hair done, my sister knows how i have been struggling with my weight as i had always been active and now cant do anything apart from day to day even then its a struggle. Anyway she booked me an appointment for a treatment called laser lypo, oh my goodness i was so excited at the thought of loosing just a couple of inches, it was a trial 10minute thing. Anyway went along for consultation and guess what...i couldnt have the blasted thing because of this blasted condition!!!!!! You need to be able to do 20-45mins cardo after it to ensure the fat gets out of you body. So i was peeeeeed off last night for a good long time. However today im over it! Well sort off :/

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oh mattjam,breath deep&relax...i think we all know how you feel,i drove my car today first for months &im paying for it now painfull(its auto)which makes driving easy!its hard not to do things&drives me mad not being able too,but but donno wot else we can do!chin up &hugs x


hi thats funny i hve been reserching all about theattoday for my sister as shwe is going to start doing that at her saklon when she comes back from holiday the results are amazing and alot of people she has come in would love to have it so i have been reading up on it have found a company that come to the salon and train 4 people to use it so she wants me to train as she wants me to do it on her but it is a course of 8 treatments isnt it costs between 500/800 depend on where you go and tes if you do a work out it helps thinfs so will keep you updated lol i hhope it works for you dfrom the results and reviews i have seen looks fantastic so good lucjk love diddle x


Hi Diddle yes you need to exercise so that all the fat gets out of your system otherwise it will just go back to fat again :( unfortunately i am no where near that stage of exercise as i only just manage a day at work! :( Not to worry. The lady in my hairdressers has bought the machine and is doing it she has lost over a stone but thats with strict exercise to its not a quick fix but would have been a nice wee boost x


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