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heard bad news today

just heard today that my gp is retiring next month, which is such a shame as she treats me and not just the fibro.

funny enough my partner has been suggesting for the last week to change to the gp's less than 2 mins walk (for abled bodied, too far for me) away.

Thing is i would like a dr that would treat me in the same way, i don't suppose that any of you wonderful people of our great family would know of a website where you can read reviews of dr's and/or their surgeries. I know we're probably not that lucky otherwise not all of us would be struggling to get ourselfs heard, BUT i live in hope!!!




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If you go to you should find a list there I think or the NHS website.

My GP retired a few years ago and we ended up with a gem of a DR so don't worry too much :)


Hi sue59 thank you sooooo!! much, not just with the website but also with the knowledge that it IS possible to get a good gp. Thanks again



Aw i know how you feel my GP is more like a friend to me she is fantastic and i would be devasted if she left my practice i hope and pray she wont but you never know .

but on the other hand you may end up with someone who is as nice or nicer so try not to worry too much blesss you i know that is easier said though love diddle x


My old dr left the practice 3 years ago and I was devestated However the new younger model is just as nice even nicer as she is a womman and seems to know where I am comming fromm dont worry as one door shuts an other door opens x


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