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not been on here for a while

had alot going on, one of my dogs was ill had t take her to vets shes 11 luckily was only a tummy bug then the little terrior was diagnosed with epilepsy just waiting for meds to come thru for her. have been feeling rough myself and have been spending time in bed at weekends but not too long as only see hubby at weekends.

on a good note got a nice rebate from mr taxman (well hubby did) my middle son has got thru paperwork to do his medical for the army to enrol as an officer so they pay for his th form and uni which shouldnt be a problem as hes hardly ever seen dr in his 16 years. and is now doing all his exams.

my daughter was chucked off her horse as he spooked the other day silly girl didnt have her body protector on so has now bruised ribs and torn ligaments but other than that shes fine.

and my good deed of the day is i hopefully got a job for a girl with aspergers with horses shes 19 and was desperate for a job with horses so put her onto the lady my daughter used to work for so fingers crossed she now has a paid job!

hope your all well gentle hugs to you all .im now off to work!

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Hi there, i just noticed your blog before i need to knock off. :)

I havent been able to get on much myself. :(

I am sorry you having been finding it hard, its so not fair is it, glad to be back though, i have missed this site but noticed that i just didnt have the concerntration to read blogs never mind answering them.

That is a very good deed that you have done for that girl, she must be so pleased.

And the tax rebate whoowhoo, i wish we had one lol.

Anyway must go its nice to have you back. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


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