yesterday i had an amazing day. dome some housework mowed the garden family came round. knew i was going to pay the price. went to bed feeling unwell. them it began the vimiting the diarrheoa, all night felt so ill. then half way through the haze realised my husband was not in bed. he to was suffering its 4.00 pm and just got iup and used my beautifull shower\bathboard sat there for ages under the shower. so thankyou my beautifull grandchildren for sharing everything including your bugs. on the positive side i may lose some weight. lol always got to look onthe bright side of life.

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  • Awww Bless you webby! Feel better soon.

    Love and Gentle Hugs,

    Carol xx

  • Get better soon xxx

  • hope you soon feel better webby. family are realy goog at passing thing on. I had the sickness bug a while ago from son and grandaughter and then again after looking after my little granddaughter caught her cold and cough and it lasted 3 weeks. does fibro affect the immune system do we pick thing up quicker and take a longer to get rid of them take care webby and gentle hugs. xx

  • hi i do beleive that our immune systen is weaker and it takes us longer get over things. but right now need to get pain meds back on board. but thankyou feeling better by the hour


  • Hope you and hubby feel better soon. x x x x

  • hope you feel better soon webby xx

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