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Medical records

Morning all

ive been thinking about asking for copies of my med notes! As with this condition im sure consultant recc refer to immuniologist? But i cant find it on recent letters, but she may hve said it verbally! My gp wont refer unless i can find letter and he couldnt see anything on recent letters to him. Plus he doesnt hve the time to trawl through.

Have lkd on website to c what need to do lk easy enough just aply to practice manager and may hve to pay £10 but was wondering if anyine else has done this and how far u can ask without paying loads? I wante to pinpoint also when this all really kicked off and what theyve said about me etc. Xx

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You can get a full copy of your medical records and they can only charge you one admin fee. Make sure you specify that you want copies of paper records and printouts of all electronic data as well.


hi i did this a few months ago, just went to my surgery and asked you have to sign a form and pay £10 and hey presto you can see your medical records for as far back as you want. i was like you i wanted to find out when my fibro/cfs started as i had been going to the Dr for years with the symptoms. good luck xx


for the future, when you see a rheumy eg, ask them to send you a copy of their report.



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