12 year anniversary today. I. we are happy. I feel real bad today. evything hurts, oh yeah, in the last 7 days i've had 2 teeth pulled. if it wasn't for Carla I don't know what i'd do. I want a dog. don't ask me where that came from. i just want a dog! I'm rambling. oh well. We were going to go out to eat but I feel to rough and one of the missing teeth is my front tooth. Carla went to wagamama's to pick up food.

I think 'll be couch potato's and relax. hope everyone is hanging in there


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  • i am a couch potatoe today lol , i have 2 lovely dogs xx

  • hi rosehip what sort of dogs do you have? we lost our dog last june. she had lymphoma (dont think ive spelt that right), she was a cross between a collie and salukie, she was very fast runner and loved catching rabbits. bess was 11 & half. we miss her so much. hope you dont mind me asking. hugs xx

  • aw my little doggy is my best friend he is in my pic i tell him everything he gets me out too so i would recomend one BUT they are a tie too and remeber they are for could be 15 years my little man is 6 in july bless him . enjoy take away love didddle x

  • I've always had dogs. for the last 15 yrs i was traveling to much for work. wouldn't have time to give a dog the attention they need. Carla's concern is that i would be too unwell to walk the dog. i would do it though, i know i would. i want company during the day. Sounds kind of corny, but i get so lonely.


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