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One down and one to go

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Well I survived today, we had the two grandchildren today and they were as good as gold, but I feel so tired and sore, they did no wrong just were children but I had to pay attention while they were colouring and reading stories, playing outdoors and all that goes with it . When they left at 5.30 I was like the cartoon character with the steam coming out of his head I just felt the pressure go and I was ashamed to say I was glad so that I could put my feet up and totally relax. Short respite until tomorrow at 8.20 when I will be descended upon by 2 boys and 2 girls and their dogs one each and I pray that it will be a sunny day or even just dry I donot want them all indoors four children and four dogs and my husband all day my nerves would be in tatters by 4.00. So all just pray that weather is kind tomorrow. I shall go to bed after a nice warm bath early and just hope that I have a refreshing long sleep. Here's hoping.

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Know the feeling my grandchildren are here for the holidays, parents working, they recently relocated out of town so its four weeks of mayhem here, lots of fun and at least we have the beach and countryside. No idea where their energy comes from. xx

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Hi, as long as there is no screaming or shouting I can stand it but my five year old granddaughter came waltzing down the drive playing as loud as her little lungs would let her a blasted recorder of all things to come here with and she thought she was great at it so I had my dogs barking and her pug yapping first thing this morning, what a lovely start, ho and her brother telling her to be quiet. Lovely start but we did have a lovely day and they were good, but glad to hand them over to their father. I don't think I could cope with them sleeping as my grandson suggested that they may as well have a sleepover and be here already for the other two (and their dog) tomorrow morning. Nipped that in the bud straight away, nasty nanna.

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No recorders or whistles cross my path xx

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I don't have kids coming by (though I'll be visiting broods of them in 3 different cities in November; god help us all) but my neighbors and their kids and the visits from the crying babies . . . Have to close the windows even on hot days. Can't ask kids not to play.

I am sorry that you are so tired, but glad there is plenty of mutual love to go around. And "nasty nanna?" I say good for you. What else are feet good for! :-)

My two have been here all day and are sleeping tomorrow and wednesday. At 13 and 9 they are no problem both are quite happy to sit reading or colouring.

The worst i get is from M eg who seems think that the more noise the better when they get here.

Grandkids can be a hand full. My boys love to play hide and seek! I will tell you now. You have no idea how many times I have hid I my bed!!! I would throw the covers over me and just took a few minutes of lay down time! They now just pretend I am not there and call out for me! I have layed down on couch and we play with flash cards! One of grandsons loves to play Lego's in my bed! Truthfully I have to find games that I can play laying down quite often. Coloring reading anything I can think of. To them though it's just spending time with me and me listening to them.

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Its not so long ago when i would have had one or both in the kitchen baking bread or chocolate cake.

now even the thought is exhorsting, bother spelling,

Besides now i can just hand them the recipie and leave them to it.

Hi, I just wish that I had my children a bit younger and they had theirs a bit younger but I'm now 65 and I feel more like 105 also a lot healthier and fitter, but I love them loads and I know that they feel the same about me and their kisses and cuddles are worth all the treasures in the world, just to hear them say nanna I love you and you too ba ps.

I can totally relate to that as when I have my two grandchildren (ages18months and 5 years) I am completely exhausted when they have gone home! I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck for tomorrow.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Grand daughter has just walked in with a walking stick cum seat and a guitar. Not good. :O

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Hi, breakfast sitting over, thank goodness for dishwasher, already girls have done colouring, nails, makeup,nagging, nagging, gone back to colouring after a bit of persuading, boys upstairs still playing, goodness knows what they are doing, best not know, five minutes peace, wrong here's one of the girls tired of colouring so I must entertain her then get lunch, was going to have an easy dinner, from chippy, but the car has broken just had a phone call cost £500 plus vat and labour it never rains put it pours literally, never mind we are all healthy and happy, honest I'm really happy lots of people do never see their grandchildren so I'm really so lucky, say it fast.

I forgot to say send her down one more here or there makes no difference and I'll be happy to have her and perhaps they could form a band what with a recorder, guitar and a couple of saucepans for drums, box of dry peas and a vocalist we've got a band I send them out into the summerhouse to practice you never know in a couple of years they could be famous and rich and give us some money instead of the other way round. We can just wish.

So am I, lucky that is. 13 yr old grandson has just found a silk flower under the settee and is now prancing about with it in his hair. (headshake )

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