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Do tender points start off with a pair and increase as time goes on?

I'm wondering about tender points - I've had four - elbows which radiated through my shoulders, arms and hands which were very painful and have now disappeared. The base of my skull which comes and goes. I realize it is different for everyone - but I'm wondering whether the tender points increase and go away or what? I also have widespread pain and muscle weakness. Trying to make some sense. Thank you.

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Good morning Reflections,

Follow this link to the Fibro Action site where it tells you about tender points.

happy hugs, kate :)


hi each person is special and has there own experiance so their is no answer however the web page above is a good place to start and of course there will be people here to support you and have things in common ... Gentel dyslexic hugs


Yes, they can vary. No, they don't work like that. And tender points wouldn't radiate pain away from the immediate area - they may have been myofascial trigger points instead.


Hi Lindsey - it's starting to fall into place now, this makes sense. Thank you.


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