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Hi i have been ill for a week with chest infection and am still not right but alot better today than i was the only good thing about being ill is that i have been going to bed at 11.15 and asleep by midnight and getting about 4/5 hours sleep but not only that i have been sleeping in the day too which is un heard of me

I thinlk that this chest infection has come about as my body was totally run down as i had not slept for abot a month previous i was getting 1/3 hours a night and no naps in the day i was totallty worn out and my body just gave up

i am feeling alot better today so will pop on now and then but dont want to end up getting it back again so will jus ease into it

i hope that you are all ok keeping well love to you all Diddle xxx

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glad you are feeling better diddle , :)

hugs to you xxx


HI Diddle, sorry to hear you've been ill, but very good news you've been managing to get some kip. You had had a bad run of insomnia hadn't you? I know cos I'm always on here at that time in the night/morning, lol, for the same reasons. Your body must need it, so make the most! Hope the chest infection clears up. Happy Day x!


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