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no energy

I have had it now I have no energy at all can just about get my daugher to school then come home back to bed feel a right lazy git, been like this for the last 12 weeks as well as having my kidneys going into spasm that what my GP said. I just want a break from all this want some kind of normality where the pain is not so bad and at least I will hav some energy to go with it :(

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Hi kavqc,

I know just how you feel for every little outing such as gp appointment i can spend the rest of the week in bed!

I spend more time looking at the same 4 walls of ur bedroom than anywhere else

Hope things change soon for you for the better : )

Hugs poppy xx


hi kavqc

I also know where you are coming from when the fatigue hits this level life is the pits but slowly you will be able to crawl back a little more energy, The key is little and often, always listening to your body, but keep in mind the more ground you give to FM the more it takes there is a fine line between the right amount of activity and rest. Hang in there hugs sue x


hi kavqc,hang on in there&rest up!hugs x


Hi Kavqc, you are not lazy, just suffering with fatigue. It is very difficult to manage the fatigue, the only thing you can do when you feel like that is rest until it passes and then do a little and often with lots of breaks in between. The main thing is to look after you and your daughter and dont worry about anything else. Look after yourself and take care, love Angela xx


Hi there, sorry to hear you aren't feeling too great at the moment,you are not at all lazy it upsets me that some people deem us that way! Lack of energy and exhaustion are one of the worst aspects of having fibromyalgia, more research needs to be done here in the UK aswell as more support systems put in place. i do hope you feel better soon and that you are getting good medical help/support from your G/P. Get plenty of rest and please don't feel guilty for doing so. Love and hugs to you xxxx


Thanks all, have had fibro for the last 5 years and I have never felt like this before always had energy but now just making a drink leaves me feeling like I have walked miles. Thanks all


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