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No sleep tonight

Earlier today while trying to revise i went to lie down on my bed becaus my neck was hurting and fell asleep fully clothed for 5 hours and now i can't sleep. Ridiculous.

This week has been interested, woke up Monday with horrendous pain in my neck, went to a random doctor who was really good and gave my muscle relaxants, then I saw my usual gp on Thursday who I still believe is a caring and lovely doctor and while I listed what i was feeling, he said to me you just look fed up, and i just wanted to cry because its exactly how I felt but Noone had even asked me if i was ok. I've felt down the last week or so and Noone seems to have notice so to have my doctor notice was lovely. We discussed my treatment plan, and changed a few things and he booked me an appointment with a gp who does acupunture at my clinic the next day! It went ok, one side of my shoulder feels better but the other half was part of my horrendous neck pain that I had been prescribed muscle relaxants for and it doesn't feel much better.

I also had an emergency dentist appointment and an exam last week lol.

I am starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere, this month I will have acupunture again, see the pain management team, and see the oral surgeon to see if they can do anything and my TMJ. It's brilliant to think I might get better. and when i move out in a couple of months exercise and a good diet OS a priority. I saw my university disability worker the other and told her I felt I was struggling and she pointed out that everytime i see her i am positive and it made me feel much better about myself.

Anyways,gonna try and get to sleep, meant to be meeting my friend at 9 to revise....

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glad things are on the up :)

gentle hugs x


Hi Hope you are feeling a little better about yourself now?

Sometimes its so hard to pick our chins up when we are feeling weighed down with our illneses. It must be doubly hard for you too studying a degree in Chemistry. I salute you for your dedication. If its any consolation i went upsairs this afternoon and slept for 2 hours on my bed.

Soft Hugs,

Sue x x x x


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