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No sleep

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Feel so ill the last few weeks with so much pain ..the last few days had intense burning feeling all over my body so distressing..I am now resulting in taking gabapentin don't like taking medication but I think I need to now πŸ˜– rhumatologist appointment on Thursday hoping he can sort me out ...time is 03:17 in the morning ...better down the tablets wait for them to kick in and try to get a few hours ....

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So sorry.....Hope you can get some sleep and Rheumy can sort you out!! x

Very sorry to hear you are in so much pain, I hope the tablets have helped you to get some sleep? Also that the rheumatologist will be helpful on Thursday. Good luck for your appointment.

the same here I am up about 04:00 most days today I feel like I could scratch the skin off my body in fact a few months ago I scratched my legs so much they bled I am on 6 gabapentin a day I have no problem with them

I'm the same on my arms I think it's to do with fibromyalgia or could be excema not sure but whatever it it is annoying xx take care x

Sometimes we just have to give in and take the meds so our body can get a bit of a respite from the intense pain. Hope you appt goes well, let us know what happens.x

My-chinaman in reply to rosewine

Will do

So sorry you've been suffering these past weeks. :( As a person who also hates the medication, I can understand it must be very bad for you to have taken the gabapentin, I hope it has given you some benefit and relief and that you got a few hours sleep in the end. Good luck for Thursday, let us know how you get on...let's hope he has a plan. xx

My-chinaman in reply to Gina-wen

Thankyou yes I took some gabapentin and managed to get a couple of hours thank goodness x

Sorry to hear you are lacking in the sleep department ;(

There are other meds as well as Gabapentin you can try. Perhaps your rheumatologist will come up with some good ideas.


I hope so ..something which stops me feeling so drowsy too

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